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Outemu Summer Lotus Linear Switch

Outemu Summer Lotus Linear Switch

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Dive into Serenity with the Outemu Summer Lotus Switch: A Whisper-Quiet Linear Journey

(sold in packs of 10 switches)

The Outemu Summer Lotus Switch is your gateway to a tranquil typing experience. This linear, silent switch boasts a feather-light actuation force of 45g and a smooth, linear travel of 2.0mm, making every keystroke effortless and whisper-quiet.

Here's what sets the Summer Lotus apart:

    • Silent Operation: Say goodbye to distracting clicky noises. The switch features unique opening contact technology that minimizes noise, perfect for late-night typing sessions or shared workspaces.
    • Effortless Typing: The low actuation force makes every keystroke feel light and responsive, reducing fatigue during extended typing sessions.
    • Smooth Travel: Enjoy a consistently smooth and linear travel path, providing excellent control and precision for both typing and gaming.
    • Durable Performance: Outemu switches are known for their durability and stability, with the Summer Lotus rated for an impressive 50 million keystrokes.
    • MX-Compatible: The switch features a standard MX-style stem, making it compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards and keycaps.
    • Pre-Lubed: Comes with a factory-applied dry film lubrication for added smoothness and reduced ping noise. Further customization through lubrication is possible for enthusiasts.

Ideal for:

    • Gamers seeking silent keystrokes without sacrificing performance.
    • Typists who prioritize a quiet and comfortable typing experience.
    • Users who share their workspace and want to minimize noise distraction.
    • Anyone who appreciates a smooth, linear keystroke feel.

Upgrade your typing experience with the Outemu Summer Lotus Switch and embrace the serenity of silent, effortless keystrokes.


  • Total Travel 3.3mm
  • Work Travel 2+/-0.5mm
  • Min Trigger force 35gfMin
  • End force 50gf Max
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