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Large KittKo Switch and Keycap Container

Large KittKo Switch and Keycap Container

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From Pulling Keys, hand assembled in the US using US made products. meet the KittKo (Kitting Kontainer) that will ease your switch, key cap, and cable organization system. 

This is the first of many products we have planned to organize your keyboards and accessories. KittKo will represent US based products that makes it easier for you to keep all of your treasures safe and organized.

There are currently two KittKo sizes; Standard and Large. 

The standard container can hold up to 110 switches, includes a switch socket on the lid, a blank key cap, a gauge, and a dry erase sticker for cataloging the contents.

The Large KittKo can hold up to 220 switches, a key cap set of up to 180 keys, or a couple of coiled/custom cables, or other accessories.

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  • Gazzew Reseller

    Pulling Keys is proud to be an authorized vendor of Gazzew switches.

    Gazzew Switches 
  • Kittko Containers

    In house developed containers for switches, keycaps, and cables that include a blank keycap and switch socket tester on every lid!

    Kittko Containers 
  • Accessories

    We offer accessories for keyboard enthusiasts with a constantly growing selection.


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Kittko Containers

Bring order to your collection with Kittko. From graduated switch containers, to taller keycap and cable containers, easily and safely store your keyboard accessories.

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Gazzew Switches

From Bobagum to U4T Gazzew's switches have always been well received in the hobby. Pulling Keys is proud to be one of his official vendors and aim to provide a smooth shopping experience.

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