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Gazzew LT "Linear Thock" RGB Switch (65g)

Gazzew LT "Linear Thock" RGB Switch (65g)

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(10) Gazzew LT "Linear Thock" 65g Switches

Gazzew's new revision using an upgraded material that is not prone to discoloration but retains the sound and feel of the original!

Gazzew LT "Linear Thock" 65g Switch

65g Spring (bottom-out force)

MX with RGB slot, PCB-Mount (5-leg)

LED support: SMD and thru-hole

Hot Swap Compatibility: Compatible with all types of MX hot swap socket

Looking for high-quality keyboard switches that deliver an unbeatable typing experience? Look no further than Gazzew switches! These switches are a favorite among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, with their smooth actuation and satisfying "thock". Whether you're a gamer, writer, or programmer, Gazzew switches will elevate your typing to a whole new level. Try them out today and feel the difference for yourself!

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