Bringing Dreams to Life!

Bringing Dreams to Life!

Having always been a close family we had to adjust our lives significantly during the pandemic. After a conversation with a family friend and a gift of our first mechanical keyboard, a 75% with a knob, we started to fall into the rabbit hole that is the mechanical keyboard hobby.

Over the next few months, we all researched more about this hobby by diving deep into videos, blogs, and social media. We bought many switches to find what we all liked, little by little refining each of our unique and individual tastes. 

After each of us having at least one keyboard that we'd modified and modified to our like, we all agreed in unison to starting an online shop selling products that we love and that helped us along our journeys.

So with an open heart and lots of work, we got to brainstorming and thinking of products that we could introduce to help make this hobby easier for all.

One of our first things to tackle was storage. Before developing our Kittko Containers, our living space slowly started to collect keyboards and accessories to the point where it was a bit of a hunt to find that one keycap set or set of switches, thus we began to imagine new and imaginative ways to keep ones' keyboard parts not only neat, but safe. Soon we came up with a container, but we wanted to do more than just repurpose a food container and call it "for keyboards". We wanted a container that was specifically made for keyboard hobbyists. 

Over the last year, we have used, and slowly made changes and additions and arrived at our first set of KittKo Containers which include a hot swap socket on every lid to test switches or keys, as well as a gauge (for standard size), and a dry erase label, to identify the contents; a product we hope many in the hobby will find useful in organize their environment making it easier to catalog and find that one switch, cable, or keycap set.

So now we are proud to be able to share not only our wonderful products, but also Gazzew's amazing switches, which we fell in love with from the very beginning.

We do hope that you enjoy our products and know that we are here to assist in anyway that we can.

We look forward to many happy years growing with this wonderful community!

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